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Landmarketing Services


All clients; large or small, buyers or sellers benefit from Landmarketing’s unique position as a data-driven expert on the local housing market and a seasoned land brokerage professional.

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Land management describes any service required to help a builder, developer, land owner or investor improve the value of their land for its intended residential use, from entitlement through development to completion.

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MarketGraphics new home market research guides Landmarketing’s other services and continues to be a valuable risk management tool for many lenders, builders, developers and other housing related companies since 1999.

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Market Understanding

Landmarketing has provided critical intelligence & market presentations to metro Kansas City real estate professionals over the past 15 years.

Through our brokerage & consulting services, we've helped clients make strategic decisions on their investments and opportunities. We all know that  market fluctuations dictate land prices and strategic decisions. We identify the trends so you can make the right decision in any market condition.

The market research segment of our business offers a wide range of standard and custom reports, demographic studies, maps and housing forecasts, all generated and analyzed from the data and field research our company collects for the Kansas City metropolitan area.

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