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Land Sellers

Sell Land the Smart Way, the Landmarketing Way

When it’s time to sell your property, it’s time to take advantage of Landmarketing’s wealth of market knowledge and extensive database of potential buyers. We understand that land is an asset with a fluctuating value based on market conditions, economic swings and demand. Our job is to make sure you understand how those forces impact your property’s value so it can be priced to sell in the timeframe you require. We believe helping our clients understand the market saves time, eliminates price confusion and allows us to work as a team toward the most successful transaction possible.

Because we are not focused on having the most listings, we can truly focus on each client and transactions that make sense. 

 We will never bait you with an unreasonably high sales price just to get you to sign an agency agreement only to come back later asking for a price reduction. That common listing strategy wastes time and erases trust.

When the time is right to sell and you want an honest, knowledgeable and professional broker on your side, call us. We will guide you through our process during the first conversation to make selling your land as easy and profitable as possible for you.

The Landmarketing Process

We incorporate a multi-step market analysis process with every property owner prior to entering into an agency agreement for two reasons; 

1) To make sure we understand your selling goals, and 

2) To provide you with a summary of the market conditions that will impact the value of your property. 

A more detailed analysis is complete after an agency relationship is established to sell your property.

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I absolutely get the return on my investment in MarketGraphics.  It's why you do anything in the business world...return on investment.

Alan Goldsticker

Division President, Ryland Homes, Indianapolis, IN


The MarketGraphics reports are the most comprehensive industry report that I have ever had the opportunity to work with in my 36 years of lending.

Andy Pearson

S.V.P., Northwest Bank