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Land Investors & Developers

Smart land investing means finding the right property for the right use, at the right price and executing the right plan so you can exceed your financial goals.

Investing in land, whether for immediate development or a longer-term hold is only for the savvy and well informed. We combine our thorough knowledge of the housing market with our unmatched market research and our brokerage experience to guide buyers to high yield land deals. The majority of the land transactions completed by Landmarketing have been as a Buyer’s Agent for investor/developers. 

While being a Buyer’s Agent is more challenging for the agent, it does allow us to completely focus on your need, your vision and your financial goals and not on listings under our agency. There are times when the Landmarketing team continues the relationship and provides development management services. See the Land Management tab for a description of those services.


The Landmarketing Process

We incorporate a multi-step market analysis process with every land investor prior to entering into an agency agreement for several reasons;  

1) To make sure we understand your investment goals,

2) To provide you with a summary of the market conditions that will impact current land values for the type of your property you are looking for, and 

3) To make sure we identify any potential conflicts with properties you may have already reviewed.  

A more detailed analysis is completed after an agency relationship is established to sell your property.


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Alan Goldsticker

Division President, Ryland Homes, Indianapolis, IN


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Andy Pearson

S.V.P., Northwest Bank