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About Landmarketing

Landmarketing is a unique mixture of land brokerage, residential market research and residential development services.

These three areas of expertise reflect what it takes to create a successful, profitable residential development. Successful development doesn’t rely on luck or fortunate market timing; it relies on executing the right plan to high standards, on the right property for the right buyer at an appropriate price. We keep all of these ideals in mind when helping clients with any of the three areas of expertise.

Landmarketing started business as the exclusive provider of MarketGraphics new home market research for the metro Kansas City area in 1999. Our origin as a market research company continues to give us unparalleled insight into the constantly shifting housing market. 

That same market research focus became very beneficial to brokerage clients starting in 2003 and continues today. Land management services have been a service since the beginning as a natural extension of past experience, knowledge and education.

Why Us?


We keep the whole picture in mind


We know the market like no other


We combine knowledge with action to solve your land needs